To best aid all, seek help to make the most of our own opportunity To Be.

This ethos is suggested in the hope that, if adopted as a working hypothesis, it will be the seed of a tragically lacking, yet urgently needed strategy for sustainable growth that avoids the worst destructive effects of our present way of life. 

Ideally this seed will grow into a strategy by which we could even rapidly be able to provide well for our present, without depleting but by enhancing the future ability of all to provide. See

However such a fundamental shift in our ability to create more favourable conditions cannot come just from greater efforts to inhibit their negative aspects and enhance their positive, upon which approach we have for so long depended to achieve our aims.

Rather it could come from the more effective collaboration of those determined to discover, enjoy and use the laws by which these conditions come to exist. For our insight into these laws enables us together, to do what is possible in our individual ways, to turn our "necessity to glorious gain"¹ and so make the most of the opportunity To Be.

More effective collaboration will come through understanding how we each "must give and hazard all"² we have in order to fully realise the value of the help already being given or available when sought.

Then, in deepest gratitude, we may feel a profound impulse to give, not just from what we have, but from what we could become when we do that only, that only we can do "- Else, wherefore born"³.

1 William Wordsworth, Character of the Happy Warrior.
2 William Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, IV, i.
3 Alfred Tennyson, Idylls of the King, Gareth and Lynette.

It is the preliminary purpose of this initiative to encourage thorough consideration of the possible consequences of adopting this working hypothesis.

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